Engineering and Design

  • YITONG boasts a proficient team dedicated to design, research, and development, enabling us to meet our customers' requirements for new product design and development. Whether it's developing novel track rollers or upgrading existing ones, we can tailor suitable and cost-effective solutions based on provided parameters such as working environment, load capacity, operating method, mounting dimensions, and service life. Additionally, we offer bearing component design services along with complimentary drawings for reference upon confirmation of technical specifications.
  • Typically within two working days after receiving the requirements, we provide the design drawing at no charge.
  • When customers require samples of these new products, we strive to produce them in accordance with the confirmed drawings. The lead time for sample production is usually six weeks; however, customers are responsible for covering mold and special tool expenses.
  • In case minor modifications are needed for the sample production process, we offer these adjustments free of charge.